Fret Placement Calculator (Old Version)
Calculates the fret placement on a relatively standard guitar using the Xth root of two. It, of course, could be used to design any sort of equal temperament stringed instrument. In addition to the features that are found on most fret placement calculators this page calculates fret width and cumulative fret width to help approximate how much fret wire is needed. A recent addition is rounding of units to the nearest fraction.
rotaluclaC tnemecalP terF
A reverse fret placement calculator. Ever wonder where the frets behind the nut go? A simplified version of the above script tailored for those who would like to add a little length.
fretting tolerance calculators
Do your best of course. But how accurate do you really have to be when fretting a guitar? The answer lies within.
Frequency Chart
Calculates the frequency of notes in hertz using the 12th root of two. Produces a chart of eight octaves: four octaves above and four octaves below the reference pitch given for "A."
Metric String Property Calculator
Customary String Property Calculator
Calculates the relationship between length, thickness, frequency, density and tension for a string. These calculators differ only in the units used to measure string properties.
Freebar length calculator
Given a list of frequencies and a reference length and frequency, this page calculates the length of bars made from a uniform material.